WIN THE BATARANG!! *21* Card Game for LOOT! (Fortnite) -

WIN THE BATARANG!! *21* Card Game for LOOT! (Fortnite)

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⛏Today in Fortnite we play 21 for out LOOT in Fortnite Battle Royale
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  1. Bro if epic games hated the score card emote he says I can not die because I’m on 10 rolls on a 12

  2. I just spammed random Dundee vids and he says so first everytime

  3. 1:40, roles a 5
    ssundee: ok, eight
    moves eight spaces even though he rolled a 5

  4. Ssundee is so dumb He landed on 11 not 8 im so mad and furious

  5. How did Ssunde get a 11 from rolling a five when he was on three???.?.??.?.?.

  6. Sandy what footballer greatest footballer is in fortnight Kevin Kevin de Brian from Manchester City

  7. Sunday can you please make more Fortnite videos pleeeeeeeeeeeeas

  8. I am with the batterings in the batter grams walk on to people on those stick to them

  9. did anyone see at the start where he moved 8 spaces but were sppose to move to 8

  10. whenever he loses Russell plays the wheel of fortune sound when someone goes bankrupt

  11. Instead of him having the Batman’s grappler he had the normal grappler

  12. I like what ssundee said spider man but its bat man 😂

  13. His names sun because I own him in fortnite

  14. Someone needs to get the ambulance biffle had a stroke

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