WIN THE BATARANG!! *21* Card Game for LOOT! (Fortnite) -

WIN THE BATARANG!! *21* Card Game for LOOT! (Fortnite)

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⛏Today in Fortnite we play 21 for out LOOT in Fortnite Battle Royale
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  1. i remember the bat ring it was the first ever mythic

  2. I love this movie I need you to go I can’t believe you got 20 million subscribers you have like the most subscribers and all

  3. It's been two years since this video was uploaded and it has 600k likes

  4. Lol I'm watching this when I play Chapter 3

  5. Watching ur vids forever ♾ and I love ur vids now ur doin amogus luv de mods keep up the good work also it’s not a mistake it’s a master piece ✨

  6. I love you buddy by the way Nico smells like cheese curds

  7. SSundee I love your vids they are so amazing and congratulations on 20 mil ☺️

  8. What the hail is 21 card game it is called Blackjack

  9. Did anybody else rewatch this and realize on Kevin he went up 8 instead of 5

  10. IM YOUR BBBBBBIIIIIIGGGGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! kick him with your foot

  11. 21 should have the strongest guns in the game

  12. Wait a second there was a 5 and he said 8

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