WotC Exploits Secondary Market via Ravnica Clue Edition Card Game?! - finalbosscardgame.com

WotC Exploits Secondary Market via Ravnica Clue Edition Card Game?!

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WotC Exploits Secondary Market via Ravnica Clue Edition….?

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  1. Could they not have made this a Jumpstart set and kept the boxtopper but got rid of the Cluedo stuff that 95% of Magic players dont care about?

  2. Come on, do it! Start up Arena! I can watch cards on scryfall all day.

  3. I preordered some, canceled the preorder. Just costs way… too much for what it was.

  4. When cracking packs remember "the House always wins"

  5. I bought one just for commander mustard

  6. I have a reasonable suspicion that they make the foils bend to make the top dollar on graded cards go down. Not many 9-10 cards on the market.

  7. So happy for your success and that you’re still making content!

  8. Right now my 2 favorite commanders I play are The Ur-Dragon with my dragon deck and Ojer Taq as a token builder

  9. Looks like Hasbro's really losing money bad in the board game department 💩

  10. Zaxara with X spells! Narci with sagas!
    Brion Stoutarm stealing and flinging!
    Commander is now half of our playgroup's time.

  11. My favorite commander currently is Tetzin, the Gnome Champion. By far my best artifacts deck. The craft is such an odd but fun mechanic and it makes for a really fun deck! Also love the videos. Stay safe and keep up the great work!

  12. Pretty sure that the preorders for this ranged from $60-$80 usd.

  13. I have some weird decks that kinda suck. Lol. My favorite deck is Nekusar – it speeds up the game and it allows everyone to pop off by slightly taxing folks. Lol

  14. I got mine from meta games and yes worth it

  15. My favorite Commander is Rhys the redeemed super Friends tokens

  16. Did you notice you said. I have " No Clue"

  17. The last packs/ set they released to "make money was the commander set with true-name nemesis,
    – buy the set for $40 and sell that one card for $65!

  18. That "who's your favorite commander?" was wet….

  19. Oh yay, another episode with Joey's annoying friend 🙄*swipe*

  20. That secret lair was like 3 or 4 lairs ago. I think it was for that special drop where they had a live stream. Not 100% sure

  21. My fav Commander? That would be my special G, King Brimaz the Great Cat. White weenie supremacy!

  22. Hey there, a local from one of the stores you've been to recently.

    Please don't misinform my players. I had received complaints from several players that you said certain entirely legal cards and commanders were banned.


  23. in terms of commander i cant say i have a favorite "commander" per say. My favorite deck would most definitely be my super budget karador, ghost chieften aristocrat deck. Built and quite functional for the low price of what WAS $10, its now about $13. It's quite the complicated little creation too, lots of triggers to keep track of Its ton of fun

  24. Look I love mainly cause my mom grew us up playing board games and clue was her absolute favorite so I opened for nostalgia and stopped caring about prices. However full art shock is nuuuuuts

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