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YGO 5Ds One Shot – Card Games For Charity

Little Kuriboh
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Thanks to you guys raising the total donations to over $3000 for the last charity drive, I was finally able to kick myself in the ass and finish this.

Thanks to all the friends who contributed to the video, and thanks to everyone who pitched in to help aid Japan in its time of need.


  1. Why does this seem to get funnier every time I watch it lol

  2. Omg this is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💓💓

  3. The reunion isn't hapening.

    See this is where not being Midgar comes back to bite you.

  4. That song in the end sounds like something I've heard in a fever dream, probably because I last heard it a decade ago

  5. Jack: lalallalalalalalalalllllaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Fine, I'll talk. You can yell.
    Yuuuuuuussssssseeeeeeeiiiii! I love jack xD

  7. Anyone know where he got those flyover scenes for the intro?

  8. bro akiza had a whole different look on her face when did she even make that face?

  9. "did he look like Christopher Lambert in Mortal Kombat the movie" THIS TRIPPER ME OUT SO HARD BECAUSE THE NEW MK MOVIE CAME OUT TODAY

  10. They could have called it Coltplei
    And pronounce it Coldplay

  11. What about kuriboh and his super loud lalalalalalala

  12. 2000: children’s card games on an island
    2004:children’s card games at college
    2008:children’s card games on motorcycles
    2011:children’s card games with ghosts and shit
    2014: children’s card games to save freaking planets
    2017: children’s card games on VR and on hoverboards
    2020:children’s card games played by ACTUAL CHILDREN

  13. “Damn clowns and their clown language…”

  14. "It's a long and awesome story little one."
    From now on this is how I will start my sentences

  15. Still a masterpiece after so many years 🙂

    Also, poor Aki lol

  16. "The mic wasn't even plugged in."
    Gets me every time.

  17. Damn, that announcer was WAY better than the ones in the dub and sub! Yusei's personality in this is also somehow even more cool.

  18. Jack is just Zork reincarnated XD!!!!!!!

  19. Like… we like the jokes and the story… but damn man… Jacks voice is awful

  20. (Jaden Yuki in an inverted and cropped Obelisk Blue uniform is running in a hall towards two North Academy students next to a door.)

    North Academy student 1: Hey, is that the guy from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX? (gets uppercutted)

    Jaden: Lovely weather!

    North Academy student 2: You just beat up Tom! (gets punched)

    Jaden: Tip your waitress!

  21. Okay Yugioh fans, why does Yusai sometimes have a yellow line on his face, and sometimes not?

  22. I love how Jack talking to Goodwin is like, 1/3 of the video

  23. I’m a modern basic demo slayer/jojo fangirl-weeb who’s JUST NOW discovering this. I’m dying 🤣 🤣 🤣

  24. If only Jack's EN voice actor had this voice and this personality. I would actually watch the dub.

  25. Ooooooh the shade thrown at Coldplay. Did Chris Martin hurt you in some way?

  26. Damn, Yusei got hands?! Now he's really my favorite protagonist.

  27. what was the song used in the band intro?

  28. Please make more yu gi oh 5ds abridged. It's fucking hilarious


  30. Yusei: And can't wait to ride her all night long 😎👌
    A: oh yuse-
    Yusei:I was talking about the bike

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