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Yu-Gi-Oh cards are not actual Money…

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Random ass video! I guess Dark Simorgh with Ryko written on it with a Sharpie ain’t worth anything…can`t even get a Soda LMAO


  1. Get yourself an Eldlich it's literal gold

  2. If you had seto Kaiba bank card it might’ve worked

  3. A 3rd rate Vending machine with a 4th rate deck..

  4. Throws to the graveyard and used monster reborn 😂😂😂

  5. "Be careful in America, Yugi! I hear their society is so backwards, it revolves around money instead of card games!"
    "I will show them a better way."

    — Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series, Ep. 66

  6. maybe it's not the right one… try using the trap card lucky chance

  7. Lol just the fact that the machine can even take in a yugioh card is already a win for us yugioh players. LOL kek

  8. The machine: nah unless it’s the blue eyes white dragon than I am not taking this filth😂😂😂

  9. I love videos like this. They just feel apropos.

  10. Not the Simorgh! Thats my favorite archetype!

  11. Bro forgot to sacrifice his battle ox and $5

  12. “Now, earn cash back points for your Rare card!😂

  13. This vending machine already has thirty copies of that card. Try a rarer card.

  14. I hate how they decided to give those machines the meta decks, they negate all your cards!

  15. Must of been like this card is worthless in this condition

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