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Yu-Gi-Oh! These Tech Cards Will Win You Games!

TheCaliEffect [King Of Games]
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  1. moonlit chill won me a game when they summoned a monster using sheller effect. I used moonlit chill and when it bounced to their hand in end phase it finished them off

  2. Uh why would u play a kaiju when u could just run super poly which let's be real here u only use it for dragoon and Verte so yeah its a free one of those and Starving Venom can be mained in your extra deck as well as mudragon for all other decks. Plus u could Santa Claws which is an 1800 atk kaiju like monster super cheap and less atk than gamaciel so it is better.

  3. Well, rivalry+zombie world+necroworld banshee on field is one of the scariest things to deal with. Most of the times, it's a free win. Zombies should get more support though.
    Dimension Shifter could also beat the meta if you get lucky and if you play a banish focused deck

  4. I just love that I'm taking fat rips from my bong while watching this xD

  5. Do you know that here in Italy we love you so much? Big fan! 😍

  6. I’m italian, and i simply love the squamata/apkallone joke every time I hear it🤣

  7. I have a question ! Can I use Fantasmay and Ghost Mourner in same Time?

  8. Thunder Dragon Titan 🐲🐉 and… destroy Scythe ⛏️ ?!… 😏😂🤧

  9. I'm an old head who knows nothing about modern strats so thank you for this! Hopefully after this I'll know a lil bit more about modern plays


  11. I'm smoking while I watch this🤷‍♂️

  12. nah bro my man cali high as fuck there i fucks with it, this is content!!

  13. Why did you do a godfather voice when referring to the terminator 😂😂😂 that killed me 😂

  14. I’m new to yugioh so what’s the difference between ghost belle and skull meister

  15. I like playing dimension shifter. underrated card!!

  16. That’s the secret, Cap. I’m always high.

  17. As someone watching this high af he sounds like someone who smoked his first blunt before this video🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. ok im lost which kaiju was he talkin about…

  19. What do u think about gnomaterial for this format?

  20. When your opponent negates or destroys your shenshen you can just flip different dimension ground

  21. You got allergies? No wonder you looking like Red-Eyes right now…!

  22. 'You could say it's a Meister'
    Me: 'What's goin' on in that Skull of yours?' XD

  23. not saying it's super competitive or anything but I personally love splashing Mask Change 2 and Dark Law into decks with a few Dark Attributes bc having your opponent under Macro AND discouraging searches is just way too good

  24. Funny thing about moonlit chill is you don’t have to wait for your opponent to get rid of their card. If you got a way to pop their monsters they’ll take the damage. Also if you pair it with “ring of Destruction” you can actually deal double damage & get around the ring of destruction drawback. Funny enough I actually killed a drytron player with this combo on their first turn. LOL.

  25. lmao the effect of artifact sanctum had calieffect busting out laughing, but hes totally not high

  26. you are hella high during this don't even tryyy

  27. If i ever see you on a event, we gotta sesh after!

  28. Alright i don't wanna look like an idiot asking this but, why is magical mid breaker field limited and can you guys give me a modern meta deck that can utilize it? Been thinking about the card for a while now and I still know little about it

  29. Kaijus are also a niche tech against strikers, where you can tribute their link, summon kaiju to opponent's main monster zone making him/her unable to use striker spells

  30. I’m with you cali we could do with BBWs at every locals that would be too stronk

  31. Aah taking drugs through the eyeballs… yup definitely sus

  32. Psychic Eraser Laser has helped me remove multiple dragoons . Love the card it’s super cheap too

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