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YuGiOh the Card Chronicles Reaction | Konami, MAKE THIS NOW

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  1. I love how the Solfschord portion implies that they've been playing the background music the whole time.

  2. Some of the Cards has stories to tell, that I hope gets adaptions of any kind.

  3. I hope they will truly make something like anthology animation, since yugioh has so many lores at this point, and while Rush Duels anime are still ongoing, we indeed wished for a lore anime at some point.I already happy with they showcasing Albaz, since I have the deck. My other wish is they would animate recent archetypes that are based on "Playstation" monsters, like Voiceless Voice with Skull Guardian, Nouvelles with Hungry Burger. Even Gate Guardian and Exodia get retrains recently, so I would love to see them too.

  4. I always have mixed feelings on how Konami treats Yu-Gi-Oh, but them showing a promotional video like this is something I'm very proud they are finally giving the fans what they want for a very long time. There's so many archetypes with amazing amd unique story/lore that it would be amazing to actually see come to life in anime form. This is definitely a step forward for Konami to make this happen in the future, and knowing both Sky Strikers and Magistus have mangas, they can easily use resources from the chapters to make a good anime out of them (although Magistus just started so it may take a while to animate them after).

    My favorite archetype were the Charmers (the ones that came out after Blue-Eyes), I really love their artstyle and how fun the deck plays, I just hope we can get more supports from them, they've gotten so popular over the years that they even have scale figures, plushies, playmat and sleeve designs. It's insane how far Yu-Gi-Oh has become over the years and this was an anniversary worth celebrating

  5. this could be an anthology show you get an ep focusing on a different archtype and each ep after thoese firstfew expands the story culminating in a avengers like final ep where all monsters gather to beat up an overarching evil

  6. 5:58 you must have watched the dub and not realized that Joey was being electrocuted, burned by the heat of lava golem and had the Egyptian sun dropped on him. The fact that he eluded actual death was a miracle.

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